Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lindsay is acting up on Sam Ronson on Twitter

Apparently Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson are not quite that over yet.
This morning Lindsay took it on Twitter to say the following:

"I'm alone" forgot the (2girls) I'm not the bad guy.... Time to work, and ignore the lie that I believed was love or"

We're guessing Lindsay isn't with her Boyfriend anymore?
We just want to say that we love Sam Ronson and that we are on her team!!
DJ YO-C has had the opportunity to meet and DJ with her numerous times...all he's got to say is that she's a great person!


  1. @samantharonson you be trhow me out, of course and rightly, but what is it.."@DJYoC yes he does.." - why why do it - so it hurts.. You have My Sorry of my meddle, Samantha!

  2. wow what did you just say??