Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Top Moments for this Decade

  • Reggaeton goes global on October 5th 2004
Oye Mi Canto" broke down languge and cultural barriers and finally took the genre to the U.S. charts. Daddy Yankee's ubiquitous jam soon followed, and Reggeaton lit a fire on dancefloors around the world around that has yet to burn out.

  • Old Dirty Bastard Dies on Nov 13th 2004
Just two days before his 36th birthday, the outrageous, eccentric and unpredictable rapper died of a lethal mixture of cocaine and the prescription drug Tramadol while working at the Wu Tang studios in New York.
  • Chris Brown beat Rihanna on Feb 10th 2009
  • Left Eye from TLC dies in car crash on April 25th 2002
She was killed in a car accident while vacationing in Honduras in 2002, putting an end to the biggest-selling girl group of all time. Her autopsy photos would later leak, sparking additional controversy and conversation around her untimely death.

  • N'Sync break records on March 21st 2000
No Strings" sold 2.4 million copies in its first week of release and went on to sell a now-unfathomable 11.1 million in total

  • Guitar Hero becomes a hit on Nov 8th 2005
  • Ashley Simpson SNL fail on October 23rd 2004
Her career started on a high note, but things went horribly wrong when it became apparent Ashlee was singing no notes at all during her 2004 Saturday Night Live appearance. When the vocals for the wrong song began coming through the nation's TV sets, Ashlee responded by doing an akward jig and blaming the mishap on her band. Not since Milli Vanilli has an artist been so reviled for using a backing track.

  • James Brown dies on Dec 26th 2006
  • Britney Spears goes mental on Feb 17th 2007
Britney took out the clippers, it wasn't so much a political statement as it was a signal that she had simply gone bats**t crazy.

  • Aaliyah dies August 25th 2001
  • American Idol is a hit on Sept 4th 2002
  • King Of Pop dies on June 25th 2009
  • Ipod becomes a revolution as of October 23rd 2001

Source Billboard

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