Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lady Gaga’s plans for a new album

Lady Gaga and RedOne aren’t saying much to fans about their plans for the next Gaga album but they will reveal one thing… it will be completely different.
“Well, I’m going to write new music … that’s the beauty of writing your own music — you don’t have to rely on songwriters and producers to write hit songs for you. So I’m going to write a new album and I’m going to have new ideas.”

Lady Gaga wrote The Fame Monster while on tour for The Fame album and says of it, “I find The Fame Monster to be completely different than The Fame. I’ve evolved, but artists should evolve.” And while she is currently on tour for The Fame Monster, she most likely will start working on new songs but says, “Most certainly I have no ****ing clue what they’re going to be yet.”

Her producer, RedOne, says about the future Lady Gaga album, “I don’t want to say, because you always want to shock people. And you don’t want to let people know, so that when they hear it, [they go], ‘Oh my God.’ “

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