Tuesday, December 29, 2009

James "The Rev" Sullivan Dies at 28

"Just when I thought that all the sad news of the year was over, we’ve lost another talented musician way too young. Avenged Sevenfold drummer and founding member James Owen Sullivan, aka The Rev, passed away at his home in Huntington Beach, CA yesterday, reports Orange County Register (via Rock it Out! Blog). He was only 28.

Details are scarce at this time, but police say they believe Sullivan’s death to be of natural causes. Barring a revelation of an illness or unusual circumstance, we’re guessing that a more accurate and/or specific cause of death will be released shortly. Meanwhile, the O.C. Coroner’s Office are still investigating and have yet to make an official announcement.

Sullivan is survived by his wife Leana MacFadden, aka Leana Silver or Miss Plague, as well as bandmates Matthew Sanders (M. Shadows), Zachary Baker (Zacky Vengeance), Brian Haner (Synyster Gates), and Jonathan Seward (Johnny Christ). Our thoughts and condolences go out to all those close to The Rev."

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